Become a Cardano Stake Pool Operator

We take care of the technical infrastructure so you can focus your time and effort on your goals and marketing

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We Specialize in the Setup and Management
of Cardano Stake Pools


Becoming an SPO allows you to become an active participant of the Cardano ecosystem. You can contribute by running a node which  contributes to the security of the network, while building a passive income stream.

Projects / ISPOs

Projects use stake pools to conduct ISPOs (initial stake  pool offerings), an innovative new way of raising capital and distributing tokens on the Cardano blockchain.


Create a presence for your business in the Cardano ecosystem while gaining a consistent source of revenue for your organization.


Enterprise multi-region cloud infrastructure
Choose among several locales for your producer node
Scalable, Secure, Redundant


We leverage the power of AWS cloud, so we can increase the size or number of our nodes at a moment’s notice. We are leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to deploy our infrastructure, so changes can be done rapidly and safely.


Canucks Staking never has access to your payment keys - they are held by you in a secure hardware wallet. AWS Secrets Manager provides secure, encrypted storage for pool keys.


We have relays spanning 3 geographic regions in Canada, US, and South Africa to provide maximum availability and connectivity to your block producer


An 'Infrastructure as Code' tool which allows you to provision and manage cloud infrastructure.

We use Terraform to reliably manage our cloud infrastructure stack.


Fabric is a Python library for executing shell commands remotely over SSH.

We use Fabric to efficiently deploy our node infrastructure across multiple servers easily and rapidly.


Grafana is a platform which allows us to monitor and visualize the performance of our infrastructure.

We use Grafana to monitor our infrastructure and provide alerts so we can react quickly. 

canucks staking


About Canucks Staking

Canucks Staking is dedicated to helping people/companies become Stake Pool Operators. Blockchain technology has a wealth of opportunities to offer, and many people are eager to explore those opportunities. However, they are often held back by technical capabilities. Others may have the technical capabilities, but lack the time and resources.

We focus on removing the technical barriers so that individuals and companies can focus their time and energy on building their brand and progressing their goals. We believe in the benefits of decentralization and want to empower people who want to support distributed networks and their communities.


Successful Projects


Quality Customers


Trusted Partners

Industry Experience

Our team has extensive experience in setting up enterprise cloud infrastructure for fortune 500 companies. We bring this expertise to the rapidly changing and ever expanding world of crypto. Specifically, we’ve been running a Cardano stake pool since the Shelley mainnet went live in the summer of 2020, and have learned many of the nuances of setting up and managing a stake pool through that experience.

canucks staking
"I have to say that Canucks have been absolutely amazing to work with. I highly recommend reaching out if they caught your eye."
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Company Co-founder

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